3-Day Floral Workshop - Beauty Basics

Experience the unprecedented joy that comes when you take time out of your hectic schedule to learn, create, and connect with kindred spirits.

No matter what your level of expertise, this workshop is meant to kick-start your creative vision and connect you with like-minded individuals that share a love for flowers.  Each design you will contain blooms you have chosen and cut yourself in the farm.  Additional stems will be shipped in from California along with fruits, branches and greens.

Each of your arrangements will be photographed professionally by the talented Samantha Whillock.  She will also do one professional portrait of you with one of your bouquets.

An optional add-on course is available to learn how to take photos with your smart phone to maximize your social media presence.  (See details below).



This workshop includes lessons in how to design a compote centerpiece, a bridal bouquet, a large-scale event piece, a "living arrangement", and a table scape with a variety of natural elements (branches, fruit, vegetables).  Lessons in foraging techniques, cutting fresh blooms in the farm, and how to integrate color and maximize texture in your work will be emphasized.  

Unlike most workshops that leave you to tend to your own evenings, Rachel will host dinners at camp with entertaining classes to follow (optional).  These include painting (glazing) your own ceramic compote dish and making your own leather belt to use for garden/floral tool attachments.  

Total cost for this 3-day workshop is $1200.  A detailed schedule will be mailed to you prior to the workshop that outlines each day's events.


Meals & Accommodations...

All lunches and dinners are provided.  These rustic meals will include farm-fresh produce, fresh-baked breads, and healthy salads and proteins.  (Alternative diets can be accommodated).

Accommodations are available right at camp for small fee *note our "Declaration of Low Expectations" below*. For local accommodations, the hotel in Walker called "Chase on the Lake" boasts lakeside views and upscale accommodations.  Transportation to and from the Chase will be provided.  


Photography Add-on Course Available

All of us are plagued with the responsibility of keeping our work photographed well and presented with panache on all social media sites.  This effective but often exhausting promotional venue takes more sophistication than ever.  Sam Whillock will offer a final evening class for those interested in maximizing their vision via their smart phone.  She will teach a variety of tricks to harness the image you want to project by introducing you to shooting and editing basics.  Our full working studio at Camp Birchwood will provide a 35mm to practice with, along with all the software you need and printers to boot. 

This add-on course is a two-hour class offered Wednesday evening after our last dinner together OR the following morning (Thursday August 30th).  Reservations must be made in advance, all fees for this course ($250) go directly to Samantha Whillock.

Click here to check out her work!