The House of Alouette partners with a unique business in Northern Minnesota called Camp Birchwood for Girls.

This small piece of heaven sits on a gorgeous little lake, boasts over 400 acres of pristine woods surrounding it, and is chock-full of rich, sandy soil ideal for growing flowers and vegetables.  

All summer long, campers happily galavant from activity to activity, as they learn to sail, swim, canoe, camp, ride horses and shoot arrows at targets.  Girls sleep in cute cabins, eat in an old dining hall that is about to fall over, and cherish their time running and playing in the woods together.

For the past five years, girls have also learned to garden and farm sustainably since Rachel turned half of the soccer field into a cut flower farm!

Depending on when they attend camp, girls are either in on planting, tending, or harvesting flowers - all of which are sustainably grown using water from the lake and fertilizers from kitchen compost.  Those girls who garden are then treated to a floral design class on Fridays, using the farm's bounty and augmenting with flowers grown in California.

Once the girls go home, the flowers really start to rage and Rachel sells a number of gorgeous varieties of dahlias and other stems to local florists - including on-trend designers in Minneapolis.

Our flower farm boasts over 30 varieties of dahlias, including dinner plates and an assortment of award-winning varieties from the biggest growers out West.  We also grow foxgloves, snapdragons, scabiosa, ammi, china asters, over 20 varieties of sweet peas, zinnias in the latest colors, and vines such as love in a puff, clematis, and cup and saucer.  We also grow herbs, perennials (hydrangea), and bushes of all kinds to use as fillers in bouquets and arrangements.

Deliveries are made Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for a reasonable fee.  Orders are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you have a particular event coming up, reserve your palette ahead of time.  Blooms are cut fresh for your order, conditioned well, and dropped off in buckets you can keep (filled with cold treated water).

To place an order: e-mail Rachel at rachelbredemus@gmail.com! 

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