2-Day Floral Workshop:  Fresh Trends

Spend just 10 minutes on Pinterest or Instagram and you will see there are trends in floral design just like every other industry.  Thanks to flower farmers like Erin Benzakein (Floret Flower Farm), drool-worthy images of flowers grown locally and sustainably all but jump off the screen.  More and more, these "slow flowers" steal the show in bouquets and centerpieces - with their stunning colors and fresh, abundant uniqueness.

This 2-day workshop brings all that Rachel has learned from influential visionaries like Erin at Floret, the amazing Ariella Chezar, Christian Tortu and several other famous designers to the Midwest.  Come learn the techniques that are best used to create garden-like, natural arrangements using the freshest flowers available. 

AriellaChezarMexico2017-3rd Arrangement0058.jpg


This course will focus on a series of whimsical designs inspired by the masterclasses Rachel has taken in Amsterdam, Paris and New York.  This course is perfect if you do retail floral work and want to freshen your repertoire.  If you focus on event design, this is a tremendous way to hop outside the box and get your creative juices flowing with new techniques and ideas. 

Monday will begin with a "living arrangement" (based on Christian Tortu's work) that integrates plants with flowers for a sustainable piece of art suitable for events and gifts.  Monday afternoon Rachel will expose you to the art of making a true "Dutch" bouquet in the Amsterdam tradition of "cash and carry".  On Tuesday, Rachel will teach the "Ariella Chezar" method of making a bridal bouquet followed by a whimsical class showcasing the "flower jewelry" trend - which uses simple cuffs, necklaces and hair pieces to swap out the stale tradition of "corsages" and such.

AriellaChezarMexico2017-Candids0153 (1).jpg

Schedule & Fees...

A detailed schedule will be sent to you upon registration.  Classes begin Monday and Tuesday at 9am.  A gourmet garden lunch will be served on both days followed by English tea in the afternoon. A cocktail hour will begin after the afternoon design class finishes up, followed by a fresh, farm-to-table dinner served lakeside.


Accommodations & Transportation...

Comfortable accommodations can be arranged at a hotel in Walker, Minnesota called "Chase on the Lake".  Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided free of charge. 

If you would like to "rough it" like a camper (picture Parent Trap) there are cabins available at Camp Birchwood, from $100-$200 night depending on your choice of accommodations.  All our cabins are comfortably rustic with running water, electricity, private bathrooms, and a wood burning stove (if needed). Some have additional amenities like showers and full-size beds (vs. cot size bunks).  The shower house is a separate building and yes, there are spiders in there sometimes.  Early coffee and breakfast will be included in the lodging fee - contact us for more information.


Fees & Registration

The total cost of this workshop is $800.  This includes both days of instruction, lunch and dinner, and all floral supplies.  A downpayment of $500 is required upon registration, with the total due two weeks prior to the workshop.  


A Unique Add-on opportunity

Samantha Whillock is a photographer and savvy social media expert.  She specializes in personalizing your brand and projecting your professional identity on-line.  If you are interested in maximizing your potential and upping your game on the internet, then take this opportunity to add on this amazing course - it will be well worth the time and money (plus she will be famous soon so now's your chance).  ;)

This add-on course will be held Wednesday morning from 9am to noon.  Sam will teach you cool tips on how to use a smart phone camera, what the deal is with filters, and how to work on variety, layout, and design.  She will also take you into her full working studio at Camp Birchwood to give you a crash course in Photoshop, Instagram, and how to print your images.

Reservations must be made in advance, all fees for this course ($250) go directly to Samantha Whillock.

NOTE:  for an additional $375 Samantha will do a professional portrait sitting of you with your designs from the workshop.  A number of captivating settings will be used - creating several images you can use in a variety of ways.  Spaces are limited.  This requires staying through Wednesday afternoon (lunch will be provided at camp).