Welcome to the House of Alouette.

The house is not an actual location.

It is an artsy little lady called Rachel who was almost named Lark. Alouette is the French word for lark — and wherever Rachel goes — she builds her house of creativity.

In the summers, the House of Alouette sits on a beautiful parcel of woods in Northern Minnesota at a place called Camp Birchwood. This all-girls sleep away camp (picture Parent Trap) is where Rachel teaches flower farming to campers of all ages. Together they cultivate an abundance of beautiful and captivating blooms in a variety of shades and colors. These stems are integrated into floral design classes at camp, sold to local florists, and featured in Rachel’s fall workshops.

In the winters, The House of Alouette is located in funky Lawrence, Kansas where Rachel offers a variety of art and crafting classes to kids and adults alike.  She also teaches floral design throughout the Midwest and freelances for designers across the country.

Rachel warmly welcomes you to her house - where everyone, yes everyone - is capable of creating something beautiful.

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